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I commit sacrilege and introduce story-gaming and old-school gaming. 

This is not for every table. Some Fate players will relish the ability to take PC Aspects with them into other games. Some OSR players will enjoy being able to experiment with the mechanics of the dreaded story-game. But... some Fate players will hate the relative crunch of the OSR, and many OSR players will find disassociated mechanics and authorial stances to ruin their immersion. 

Pay-what-you-want, due to not being terribly serious.  


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Fate Aspects for Ability Modifiers in OSR, D&D, and D&D-like Games.pdf 52 kB


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Interesting! I was expecting this to be freeform stat bonuses, without the bennie economy of Fate.

But you've done the reverse -- keeping 3d6-in-order to decide what stats your Aspects relate to, and interpreting the Fate point economy within typical OSR game procedures.


Yeah! I was so surprised at how many people assumed that it would be what you assumed, when I first vaguely floated the idea on Twitter. I guess I just find somewhat different things interesting about Fate and about the OSR? 




Thank you!